About Red Soldier

Red Soldier is the brainchild of designer David Gamble (BDes) who envisaged a fresh and exciting collaboration of creative energy.

Each designer has their own unique creative footprint moulded by their past work and experiences. It is the collective synergy of Red Soldier's designers which makes us unique, shaping each project in new and exciting ways.

Gaining a Bachelor of Design in 2004 from the University of Ulster, David spent time with two major Belfast based design companies before assuming his current position as an in-house designer.

Having worked with a variety of print design, David's current appointment has offered him the opportunity to engage with furniture design, pushing the envelope of his growing skills base.

Working alongside David is designer Andrew Geddes (BDes). Meeting David during his Bachelor of Design, Andrew has just completed a Masters in MSc Future Communication.

Having worked as an independent designer during his Masters, Andrew has produced a range of work which illustrates his creative vision, utilising both his design and photographic skills.